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A little bit about me...

I am an independent graphic designer and I live just outside Bath. I specialise in design for small businesses. I have a wealth of experience in working for a variety of design sectors and I now specialise in helping owners of small businesses set-up the look and feel of their company. I can help with logos, business literature and websites etc.  and I like to help create solutions for people which they can maintain and manage themselves independently in the future.


My experience to date has given me an ability to maintain priorities at busy, stressful times. 

I have worked in the design and marketing industry for many years as a graphic designer. Starting in web design, after 4-5 years I moved into print design. Using InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator I have since created work for clients such as ‘National Trust’, ‘Roper Rhodes’ and ‘NHS Trust’. Working for and with a variety of design companies I have created design solutions for vaired printed projects including brochures, annual reviews, catalogues, corporate literature, prospectuses, brand identity, exhibition and installation design. I have also created monthly e-mailers and helped set-up and maintain some small business websites. 

Typography and photography are a big focus in design for me. I never stop exploring and collecting new ideas from everywhere and anywhere.  

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